Impact of Mandatory English

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The Positive Impact of Mandatory English There are serious problems concerning English, language and grammar, especially among non-English speaking countries like the Philippines. Surveys shows, that one of the most common problems among Filipinos is their poor communicative ability using the language. But the efforts on enhancing the English aptitude among Filipino students, especially in the graduate school, must be intensified because whether we like it or not, English is the most widely spoken language in the world and it is the most required international language for communication. In many fields including science, information technology, entertainment and business, English proficiency is even far more important than mathematical ability. Since we are now in the computerage, different products of technology can do the necessary calculations in just a click away. But with communication, we will all be faced with the struggle of freely expressing our thoughts. Thus, the contents of this paper will further elaborate the significance of making English a mandatory subject in the graduate school and the positive impact it can create among students, especially to those who took up Masters in Business Administration in the University of Mindanao. In many parts of the world, English proficiency sometimes become the measure of ones literacy level. Those who can speak English well are given utmost favor, and those who cannot are labeled illiterate. Like in Vietnam for example, foreign language teaching has taken its share of ups and downs but for many years now, they were able to recognize the English language as a gate keeping tool in the society, particularly with employment and educational opportunities. Almost all jobs require a certificate in English and even work promotions considers English proficiency as a criterion (Vv Hoang, 2007). Moreover in India,
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