Impact Of Internet On International Marketing Essay

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Table of content 1. Research Summary 2 2. Analysis 2 2.1 Information Availability 2 2.2 Communication and Trust building 3 2.3 Networking 4 3. Evaluation 4 4. Reference 5 1. Research summary This research will show how Internet has an impact on international marketing in general and how the producer can use Internet to go globally in China specifically. Information availability, communication, trust building, and networking are all benefits that Internet can bring to business. With an estimation of 2 million users, Internet has played an important role in both home and business services. Business can upload information, promotions and company profiles to their web pages as well as their Facebook sites. Employees overseas do not have to find language is a barrier since emails are convenient to communicate and copied documents. Primary research and secondary research can be done within clicks, which makes it easier for market research on overseas countries. With Internet, business can cut losses and travelling expenses for employees. 2. Analysis: 2.1 Information availability Nowadays, with the advancement of Internet technology, the quality of lives, education and business has been enhanced by the availability of information that Internet can provide. It is written that the Internet was found to be a significant source of information for importing countries as well as exporting (Journal of Computer Information system, 2009). It has become an important information and communication tool for business to business together with business to consumers. Freud and Weinhold (2002) explained that internet has made it possible for business to do ecommerce, web based services, online market research,etc as it provides a relatively cost-effective method for international communications with potential customers in
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