Impact Of Immigration On Families Essay

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Families all around the world face many hurdles. Families that choose to migrate from one country to another face many difficulties and challenges while doing so. A family that migrates has to deal with number of changes whether it is financially or culturally. But whatever the change may be, A family that immigrates to another country grows closer, as seen in The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini and No great Mischief by Alistair Macleod .Families that migrate grow closer, whether it is a family of two in the kite runner or a big family like The kite runner or in a big family as seen in No great Mischief and the kite runner. Families that choose to migrate to another country in search of better employment or just safety usually grow closer. The Kite Runner, A novel by Khalid Hussein shows the various difficulties a family of just two faces when they moved to America. At the start of the book the author portrays Amir and his father Baba having an unhealthy relationship .Amir a young boy who wants a little appreciation from his father .Baba on the other hand think his son is weak and is not capable of being what he intends his son on being. We see Amir ready to do anything just to get his father’s approval“No,Baba jan,”I said desperately wishing I did .I didn’t want to disappoint him again”(Khaled Hosseini,21). But as we progress through the book we see that due to the unstable political conditions in Afghanistan (The home country of Amir and Baba) Baba and Amir decide to migrate.Baba who, was once a respectable person with a decent amount of wealth in his home country now works in a Gas station in America. Like any other immigrant family Amir and his father Baba found it hard at the start .The change in culture and lifestyle. “Does he think I am a thief?”Baba said, his voice rising, People had gathered outside. They were staring “What kind of
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