Impact of File Sharing Essay

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Discuss the real impact of peer to peer file sharing on the music industry Introduction At present there’s a lot of discussion about the real affect of peer to peer file sharing on the music industry, many say it’s the downfall of the music industry, others say its evolving into another business model or format and all that’s happening is simply the redistribution of market shares and assets from one side of the music industry (namely the ‘Big Industry labels’) to the new emerging industry sectors such as gaming and entertainment. Others say the commercial music industry brought it upon themselves due to the lack of unwillingness to change with the times? In this essay I will try to look at the true extent and impact that file sharing has had on the music industry. Should the labels have embraced the new business model? During the first 10 years of the online music frenzy, the commercial industry labels either couldn’t understand how to handle the issues of selling music online or were simply unwilling. With many labels simply refusing to license their catalogs to the first pioneers in the new emerging sector of online music distribution. These labels wanted to keep complete control over the business they’d previously had complete dominance over, with the attitude that this is ‘our music’ and we won’t endorse downloading. The result of this was that music fans seeked the unlicensed services of peer to peer. The first ever peer to peer system was Napster, the way in which it worked was by letting people access each other’s hard drives remotely rather than access a main server, because of the decentralized nature, millions of users could access thousands or even millions of files at the same time. Many believe that

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