Impact Of Communication On Business And Personal l Essay

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Communications Impact of Communication technology on business and personal life. (A) On Business Life Communication Technology includes mobile phones, emails, social networking such as face book, skype and the Internet. Communication is the key factor in the success of any organisation. Communication has bloomed in the last decade or so. If business’s need to work together they can do so easily with the Internet and emails. Email is a fast, free and convenient method to send messages, replacing traditional mail in the process. Deals can be made through emails and video conferencing. Mobile phone technology has made it possible for people to check and send messages on the go, allowing us to be connected 24 – 7. Mobile phones have become an all in one device now which plays a significant role in wireless communications. The internet enables airlines to provide online flight booking. This has proven to be an inexpensive way to reach customers. The speed of sending an email saves money and time because it is so much quicker to move information around. There are huge savings to be made for businesses as sending an email is cheaper than phoning and video conferencing saves money on flights and accommodation. However there is a reliance on technology. We use spell checker instead of bothering to learn to spell correctly. Loss of face to face may mean a loss of communication skills and personal touch. Viruses, fraud and identity theft are all risks for using the internet. Costs involved with maintaining equipment and keeping up with software can be expensive. (B) On Personal Life Online communication brings families and friends together across distances. Skype for example enables grandparents to see their grandchildren on webcam and chat to them if they are living abroad. Information is probably the biggest advantage that the

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