Impact of Books Essay

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It is crazy to think that at one point in my life I could not read a simple sentence or even know how to write. Here I am now typing a multiple page paper for a composition class at a university. It all began somewhere in my life where I learned to finally read and understand what words mean. Everyone has their own story on how they learned to read. My dad took the biggest role in me learning to read because he would read a book to me every night. It’s all about how hard I am willing to try to learn something new. Not everyone has a person in their life to help them though. Luckily, I had my school and parents to push me through the learning process and later realized how essential being able to read is. Motivation and dedication is key to learning something new or trying something challenging. Learning to read is a challenging task at such a young age so we need someone to push us. I had the support of my family to help me continue to read more and more each day and to begin reading harder books. I remember my dad would read a different children’s book to me every night. The book I loved the most was ‘The Giving Tree’ because it had a meaning behind it that I eventually understood. I would listen to the words he would speak and when I saw them on paper later on I could pronounce it pretty well. Verbal learning is how I’ve always taken in information the best. I need to hear someone talk about a subject and I’ll remember that voice and word. My dad would read the bible to me at night and explain it to me. The words in the Bible are harder to pronounce and read at my young age but it helped me in many ways. For example, hearing the word “Romans” I would see how it was spelled and remember my dad’s voice pronouncing it. Doing this would help me with my speech as well. I would compare words to each other and memorize them faster like the word Roman and Rome. That was

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