Impact Of Black Culture On African American Culture

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It is clear that African Americans have struggled and continue to struggle. This is expressed in African American personality, experience, history and multiple other categories with the effects of showing the struggles Blacks face. Many of the ideas of black culture and African American history is taken for granted in that it’s looked past and for the most part ignored. What African Americans have endured is not even taken into considered by other African Americans. There are many elements within past Black culture that has affected today’s culture of Blacks. From the connection of families to the connection with main stream White American in today’s society. It almost seems as if we as a people don’t want to embrace or acknowledge who we are…show more content…
With the beatings of run away slaves to the rapping’s of slave women, all this was developed with the mind set to keep slaves weak minded and in line. This is also shown within the document “Let Us Make A Slave”. This gave great detail to how the white society thought about the African American race, they compared African Americans to a horses. Revealing that both were a threat to society and would have to be controlled to the top degree, by being beatens in front of their own, in a effort to keep the mind weak and the body strong. This is shown all within the Sankofa film. Slaves that would run away would actually be beaten by other slaves, this was done to keep their mind slowed developed and confused. Knowing that your own kind can hurt you as well as we can, the white master may think. Both the film and the document represented brutality that was inflicted upon African American during the time of slavery with all of these control tactics and the mothers knowing that their off spring would have to endure the same, the mother would take the responsibility to get her off spring prepared for what they will endure and suffer for the rest of their life. With this chain of mentally development being passed down from generation to generation this is where the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome gets placed into affect within today’s society. However as mentioned…show more content…
Believing that if they ignore what happened to their ancestors that it hasn’t happened at all. Many don’t seem to realize the effects that slavery have on us today as a society as one as African American. Revealing that still many of our minds are weak and is still being taken controlled by the system of main stream while America. Blacks many of the times live and work under the belly of white economics and that’s what it will continue to be if we don’t realize what is real. It almost seems as if we as a people don’t want to embrace or acknowledge who we are. To be able to understand our selves and what we have lived wont be revealed until we know who we are as a

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