Impact Of The Media On Presidential Image

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Before even the invention of the television in the 1930s, the media has influenced our people’s opinions through newspapers and pamphlets. Now with technology booming, the media seems to seep into every corner of our lives, becoming almost inescapable. So, how much does it affect our vision of a highly publicized leader such as the president? It seems that the images we see of the president through the media are the only ones we are given, and it is hard to create an individualized view through the media’s eyes and not our own. And so, while people may view the president and presidency from various media angles and generate their own opinions, the overall sentiment of the media towards the president has a way of swaying such opinions, as we can never clearly and objectively see what’s going on for ourselves. The major problem with finding objective news and information, from which one can formulate an opinion, is that most every media source is biased in some way. This forces one to take from diverse news stations, newspapers, internet blogs, etc. in order to forge a balanced opinion. Therein is the confusion of how much to believe from each source and how to piece it all together. For instance, if you were to watch Fox News Channel, which is significantly conservative, and then switch to CBS, which is significantly liberal, you would get two very different views of the same story. Newspapers tend to be more objective and informative in forming a perception of the president, and internet sites are more biased in general, though there is an almost unlimited number of websites giving diverse perspectives. The single aspect that most media seems to have in common, particularly today, is overall tone – mainly whether something is portrayed negatively or positively. The negative sentiment of today’s media towards Bush seems to consume the opinions of

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