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A Collection of Stories Written for Children [pic] Children will find these stories enjoyable. • A Fun Day in the Sun • The Unbelievable Trip to the Store • Comic • The Copy Cats Written by Christa Love Illustrations by Laurie Gerard Edited by Student Name A Fun Day in the Sun [pic] The brown dog [pic] was looking for fun. He saw his friend and started to run. The two pals went to the big green mountains. [pic] After the trip they sat by the small blue fountain. [pic] They hiked through the dense forest [pic]and winding paths. [pic] The dogs went to the sparkling river [pic] to have a bath. They ate their lunch on the long green grass. [pic] The ants [pic] joined the picnic, time quickly passed. Soon it was time to go home for the night. The two dogs climbed into bed and turned out the light. The End The Unbelievable Trip to the Store Tommy and Samantha were twins. They were both twelve years old. Mom wanted the children to quickly go to the store to buy milk [pic] for dinner. On the way to the store the children saw a man driving a car with an elephant on top! They had never seen anything like that before. They finally reached the store. When they walked to the door they noticed there was a monkey in front of the door. Tommy and Samantha were very surprised. They bought the milk and started their trip home. Suddenly a large object appeared in the sky. It was a frog riding on top of a bird. When they turned the handle to go into their house Tommy turned to Samantha. He said, “Can you believe all the strange things we have seen on our walk?” Samantha replied, “No, it sure was unbelievable!” Comic 1. 2.

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