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Mandatory Child Immunizations: Helpful or not? Mandatory child Immunizations Helpful or not? The first vaccine made was the vaccine for smallpox in 1796. It was produced by Edward Jenner, and it contained mercury ( The tetanus vaccine was first approved in 1924, and was used in World War II. Side effects of this vaccine included persistent crying in children, high fever, and seizures ( The Influenza vaccine has risks on both ends of the scale from fever and aches, to life threatening allergic reactions, which can happen minutes or hours after the initial vaccination ( Although the proponents of mandatory child immunizations argue that the good done by immunizations outweigh the bad, immunizations should not be mandatory in the United States because many are proven to have harmful effects. The HPV vaccine is not necessary because the disease is avoidable and the vaccine can be misinterpreted. Why should doctors vaccinate girls for a disease that is 100% preventable? Using condoms and reducing sexual partners are just two other ways that can prevent this disease (Vamos, McDermott, Daley). The HPV vaccine will corrupt young girls’ minds into thinking that they are protected from an abundance of diseases, both bacterial and viral. The public and medical community should not assume that girls ages 11-13 (one of the recommended age groups for receiving the vaccine) are going to engage themselves in risky sexual behaviors. According to Reverend Thomas J. Euteneur, President of Human Life International, “This vaccine will turn human intimacy into a mechanistic, video game like pastime, with delete protection”. The HPV vaccine should not be mandatory because there are other ways which are not risky to prevent this disease. The harm done by vaccines is not worth the little bit of good. The mercury in

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