Immunizations Essay

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Overview | Administration of a vaccine caused production of antibodies that prevent illness from a specific microbeActive immunity is long-term and occurs over time as the body produces antibodies in response to an infection or to an immunization and becomes immune as a result of the primary immune responsePassive immunity is temporary and occurs after immunization with antibodies in the form of immune globulins for individuals who require immediate protection against a disease to which exposure has already occurred, when passed between a mother and her fetus, and when transmitted to an infant through breastmilk. Most immunizations consist of killed vaccines or live, attenuated, or weakened ones | Purposes | Expected Pharmacological Action—immunizations produce antibodies that provide active immunity. Immunizations may take months to have an effect, but they confer long-lasting protection against infectious diseases. Therapeutic Uses—eradication of infectious diseases (polio, smallpox). Prevention of childhood and adult infectious diseases and their complications (measles, diphtheria, mumps, rubella, tetanus, H. influenza | Complications ContraindicationsPrecautions | Any anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine is contraindication for receiving further doses of that vaccine. Moderate or severe illness with or without fever With acute febrile illness, vaccination is deferred until symptoms resolveThe common cold and other minor illnesses are not contraindicationsImmunocompromised individuals are defined by the CDC as those with hematologic or solid tumors, congenital immunodeficiency, or long-term immunosuppressive therapy, including corticosteroids. | Nursing Administration | Obtain parental consent for childrenNote the date, route, and site of vaccination on the child’s immunization recordGive IM injections in the vastus lateralis or ventrogluteal muscle in

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