Immune System Essay

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Chapter 22: Question 1 Different types of athletes require different training methods. Compare and contrast the training methods used by athletes in different types of sports. Different types of athletes require different training methods due to the physical demands or needs of the sport. Some sports may require athletes to be more flexible than strong, or may even require a certain muscle to be stronger than the other. For example a gymnast may need more flexibility than say a basketball player. Another example comparing and contrasting the different training methods required are soccer and volleyball. Soccer focuses on your legs, there is a lot of running involved in this sport. The sport focus's on speed, agility, leg strength, and endurance. So therefore there would be much more training needed to be done on your legs than needed for volleyball. In volleyball you must also be fast but you do not need to run near as much as in soccer. Volleyball is a sport that focuses more on your arms then your legs. Accuracy, precision and hand-eye coordination is a skill that is needed to become a good volleyball player. So you see different training methods are very important to how a athlete may perform in different sports. Question 2 What effect does old age have on the skeletal system? What type of research is underway concerning this topic? Bone is a living tissue that changes constantly. The human skeleton grows and strengthens until about the age of 18 in women and 21 in men. However, bone tissue continues to grow until around the age of 30 then our bones gradually deteriorate. One loss is especially rapid with women the first few years after menopause. As we grow older our bone density decreases and bones become thinner and more fragile, our bones lose calcium and other minerals, this is known as osteoporosis. Posture can become progressively compress

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