Immigration Reform Essay

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Television shows of families reuniting fill us with emotions of love and joy that cause an eruption of tears and smiles. Our hearts pound with pleasure when we hear of stories about orphans and foster children successfully placed with parents and we simultaneously imagine the great futures that lie ahead of them; the opportunities that they have been presented with and the great contributions they will make to society. After all, the United States of America is the land of opportunity? I find it difficult to distinguish if this is a statement or a question when as fast as the opportunity is given it is taken away through deportation. With the current milestones that have been positioned in our history, I hold the belief that immigration reform should be a priority rather than a scapegoat. The contributions produced for the nation by illegal immigrants far out weight the negative stigmatization and stereotypes. The representation of this magnificent country is demonstrated through each word written by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. As I read and interpret the sacred documents, I have a common understanding that in the United Stated of America, all people are equal, by virtue of their humanity, in possession of certain rights. The founders were committed to establishing a government that would guarantee equally to all individuals life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In addition, disturbing accounts of unlawful and unjust deportations of hardworking, contributing families contradict the very notion laid down by the founders of this nation. Based on personal experiences, deportation alone is a contingency that hinders the life of current illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are adamant on staying under the radar, abiding by laws, and staying away from undesired attention to keep from being

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