Immigration Reform Essay

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3/2/2011 Fixing America’s Immigration Issues The United States due to increasing economic concern needs to address our current immigration policies. An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants are in the United States and this number is increasing every year. In many areas illegal immigrants can receive public assistance including education, welfare and medical care without paying in taxes. Immigration reforms could help in reducing the national debt while allowing us to retain many of the current benefits given to American citizens. The American public in general realizes reform must take place, but the direction the policy reform should to take is still very much up in the air. The three most debated options are vastly different viewpoints. They include deportation of illegal aliens, cutting illegal aliens off from all assistance programs, and granting citizenship to all reputable illegal aliens already in the country. The matter in which we chose as a nation to fix immigration policy will shape the future of our country. Legislators need to find the plan that will help save our fledging economy and still holds on to the principles our great nation was founded on. Deportation of illegal aliens is reported to be the most unrealistic option of the 3 presented above. The drawbacks are plentiful in this reform option. The logistics and expense to physically find and deport all illegal aliens is overwhelming. The current increase in efforts has taxed the legal system, so additional resources have to be added in order to implement this plan. Finally, Illegal aliens also spend money; deportation could cost us trillions of dollars in sales over the next decade. The benefits of deportation are far fewer, not proportionate to the drawbacks above. The current deportation efforts revolve around removing criminals, especially violent and repeat offenders. This effort has

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