Immigration Profile Essay

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Joshua Martinez Professor Emily Schnee English 12, Section 75 27 September 30, 2013 The Little Girl In The Big City The name of the person I interviewed is Agnes Domaszot. She is 33 years old from Lodz, Poland. She came here when she was only 5 years old with her mother, her sister, and her brother. She came here because she had never seen her father because he had already left to America to provide money for his family and send his profits back home. When she came here it was the first time she ever seen her father. She was a short girl, with long black hair as dark as midnight, and pale skin. At home it was a struggle because of the unavailability of jobs in her city that’s why her father moved to New York so he can send money home to provide for his family. She came here with the rest of her immediate family so she can actually live with her family peacefully together. She lived the beginning of her life without a father only with her mother that was struggling with her job having to do what she can to help provide as well as her father in America sending money to help. It was difficult because she was the youngest of three. The reason they haven’t left the country with their father is because the country declared Marshall Law and it took five years until they were able to get visas. The reason that there was Marshall Law active in Poland at the time was because they wanted to destroy the political opposition within the country. This made living very difficult for Agnes and her family they didn’t have as much rights as they had before living was limited everything that they did was watched or restricted. These were difficult times for Poland and they wanted to leave as soon as possible but because Marshall Law was active they had to wait five years until they can receive a visa. At this time her father was in New York working various jobs and the

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