Immigration Policy Research Paper

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Policy Briefing Memo To: The Government of the United States of America
 From: Laquanda Simmons, Student of the Helm’s School of Government Re: Policy brief on Immigration Policy Date: October 27, 2013 Statement of Issue: Our country's immigration policy has been essentially unchanged since enactment of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. This law stopped the nation’s use 
of what was considered a highly discriminatory quota arrangement that established immigration restrictions based upon a persons nationality and founded the basic arrangement of today’s immigration system, which has preferences regarding immigrants based on such as critical skills and family ties. In following years, Other laws 
were enacted such…show more content…
Immigration policy needs to be carefully evaluated by the United States government (Friedman, 2010). Immigrants have become very vital in the workforce in areas such as construction, restaurants, technology and health care. Immigrants have been known to start businesses than non-immigrants, which contribute to the economy by creating jobs. The United States once saw a need for immigrants; however, once times began to change, immigrants were pushed to the side to ensure that American citizens would be able to maintain jobs. Currently, the population is not seeing the increase as it once did. Consequently, the United States is seeing an older population with fewer younger people. Analysis: With a decrease in the younger population, immigrants will be needed to fill in the gap of the labor shortage that is foreseen. A labor shortage could be could be catastrophic to the economy of the United States. According to the Immigration Policy Center…show more content…
With the increase in need of immigrants, international conflict from the recruitment of immigrants may pose to be a problem and should be planned in accordance. Currently, the U.S. competes with countries such as Chile, which offers immigrants $40,000 in equity-free funds and a one-year visa to begin a company in its country. The lucrative opportunity that the Chilean program offers has created more than 1,600 applications from 70 countries, with U.S. based contenders leading the way (The Partnership for a New American Economy and The Partnership for New York City, 2012). Immigration policy intended to improve the economic, social and cultural well being of the United States needs to be developed to prevent the fall and crisis of the economic stability of the United States. Comprehensive immigration policies will prove to be essential in addressing the inadequacy within our current
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