Immigration Influx Research Paper

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Michell O English 1303 Slavcheva 04 November, 2010 Immigration Influx Mexican immigration is an issue that the united states has been dealing with for quite some time. It has become a prominent discussion in classrooms, media especially the news, and radio, in the recent years. It has become on of the most controversial in debates. When approaching the matter of whether or not immigrants should receive equal justice and treatment, there is many refutes among citizens today. Should they be granted legal citizenship? Or should the complete the process to gain legal status the same as anyone else coming from another country? To resolve this issue the question is, is there a justifiable way to deal with illegal aliens morally? The removal…show more content…
So who’s really the victim? In fact, the real problem is we are not looking at the entire situation. Instead we decide to just put forth our opinions and feelings about immigration without really taking into consideration what would the United States be without it. As a part of my study on this controversy I read two articles: US Immigration Support org (UIS). “Illegal Immigration from Mexico,” and “Mexican Immigration to the U.S: the latest estimates,” by Jeffrey Passel. In, “Illegal Immigration from Mexico,” UIS explains the reasons on why the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico is so large and why this specific country and its citizen are deciding to migrate away from their homes and illegally into the United States. It argues that Mexican citizens sole purpose of migrating into the United States is not to cause havoc, but to have the opportunity at a better life. In his article, “Mexican Immigration to the US: The Latest Estimates,” Jeffrey Passel analyzes Mexico’s contribution to the United states total population of illegal immigrants and provides statistics on how this will emerge changes in the nation’s illegal immigration policies and procedures. Both articles approach the topic very…show more content…
In his article Passel doesn’t mention much on how the immigration effects our society as a whole, and why immigration occurs. Instead he goes about measuring its flow and what effect it has on population in the future. For example, Passel states, “The United States can anticipate the entry of another 14 million immigrants between 2000 and 2010.” He goes about discussing how immigration has brought “many changes in the nation’s legal immigration policies” and “enforcement.” His article simply expresses no feeling or bias on the

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