Immigration In The United States Essay

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Immigration In The United States 3 Immigration In The United States America is the land of opportunity, built by immigrants from all over the world. Many citizens feel as if “their” country is overrun and over populated by immigrants. The majority of the new comers are from Mexico who are willing to take low wage jobs. Recent attempts to slow the flow by passing strict law at the border have proven to be futile. People are willing to accept the hardship and punishment to come to America. We believe that if not for the immigrants there would be a missing link in the work force. Many Americans are not willing…show more content…
Many think immigration should be stopped and many think that it should be welcomed. “More than one million immigrants enter the United States, legally and illegally, each year” (Masc, 2010 p.1). The debate has been going on for years, and most are concerned about the American economy. While we believe the migrants are helping to boost our economy, many worry that immigrants are taking jobs that would otherwise be available to unemployed American citizens. Many push for stricter laws at the border but according to Rep. Tom Tancredo “the reason we do not have secure borders is because of an insatiable demand for cheap labor, we have the ability to secure the boarders, we choose not to” (as cited in Katal p.…show more content…
If not for migrants in America we would be paying higher prices and working harder jobs. They have helped our country prosper into what we call home now, without the culture and skills we have acquired from all parts of the world, life would be very different here. In a way we depend on migrants without even noticing it. We take for granted the jobs they do for us and the help they give our country. Without them there would be more cases of unemployment. That could raise taxes on our goods, which we would have to pay more for because of the farmer having to pay more for his harvest. So without the immigrants, we think everyone would suffer the consequences of paying much higher prices, living much harder life’s, and working harder

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