Immigration In America: The Heated Debate Essay

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Immigration in America: The Heated Debate A melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups, the United States of America has always been a safe haven, a land of opportunity, and a chance at a new beginning. It is the “country one came to in order to escape from one’s father, both literally and figuratively. It was the country where one put aside the heavy lumber of inherited identity and tradition and was freed to begin again.” (McClay, 579) However, America is no longer in the same place it was twenty-years ago, we are facing yet another recession and feeling a drain on our economic resources. How long are we suppose to continue accepting the rest of the world’s down trodden and needy? When do we finally declare it a time to close our borders until our situation improves? Are we to just wait in hopes the situation will improve its self and continue to accept those who way heavily on tax-payers shoulders? (8)Many people argue that America was built by immigrants, that we can not now declare them a burden; that in the past they have helped shape the very face of diversity this nation is known for; that we simply can’t close our eyes, hearts and borders to those in great need. My response is what about the needs of the homeless man you pass on the freeway digging in a trashcan are his needs any less great than the woman begging refugee here to feed her children? What about the men of our automobile companies who are being laid off by the dozens? Can we justify giving a job, even a minimum wage job to the man from Mexico that can’t even speak English? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than eight million illegal immigrants were living in America in the year 2000 and the Migration Policy Institute reported that number increases by five hundred thousand every year. It was also estimated that the US government spends 20

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