Immigration In America Essay

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In 1960, at age 10, my grandparents put my father on an airplane to the United States of America, not having any idea what was in store for him. The only thing they did know was that it held the promise of a better future than they could give him in their homeland, where a revolutionary army was over throwing the government. A few months later my aunt and uncle were sent, although my uncle was sent to avoid execution since he had decided to join the revolution in opposition of the government. They separated upon their arrival and after about a year my grandmother came to America and was reunited with my dad and my aunt and moved to Michigan where they grew up. After several attempts to payoff both sides of the revolution in an attempt to salvage my families properties, my grandfather left and came to America too. My family came to America seeking political asylum which is one of the many reasons immigrants have come to America over the course of the countries existence. Immigration in America has led to a rise of power never before seen in history; building our arts, infrastructure and military from the ground up. The United States is a country that was founded by a group of people whose families were not native to the land, of which they made their own country. With the birth of a nation; by sons of immigrants began a country that future immigrants saw as a place they could go to get a new start and many immigrants did just that. Early Immigrants to America were from Europe and Africa, although the African immigrants came against their will as slaves. Until the mid-to-late 19th century the primary immigrants came from Western Europe from countries such as Great Britain, Ireland and western Germany (Immigration, 2008). A portion of the immigrants from this period also came from China, but it was only a fraction of the number from Europe. The Chinese

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