Immigration Experience Essay

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Immigration Experience Paper Today is the happiest day of my life because I finally got a job. This is not a kind of job that I would desire to have but still it will help me with my expenses. However few months ago, I received my boarding pass to get on the ship to America. I am happy because I got a new job but at the same time more excited that I was going to America, the country where I always wanted to be so I can fulfill my dreams to make money. It was my financial situation that was forcing me to leave my country Italy and go the land of opportunity as we call America. Everyone go to America seeking wealth, power and money. I was no different than other people and this is my best chance to go there and have my life settle down eventually. The day was December 24th, 1904 and I checked in the ship that was going to America. There were many people in the same boat who were just as excited as I was. The journey across the ocean was very hard and it was extremely difficult to stay in the ship with so many people. The ship was kind of over crowded which made it hard for me to even breath. There were not arrangements to assure every single passenger could sleep properly. I spent 2 days just sleeping on the stairs of the ship that made my body extremely sore and my eyes were extremely tired and then came a thought in my mind if I will get out of this ship safely and if was ever going to make to America. Then finally I got to the Ellis Island with such an excitement however I was shocked to the see the big lines to make sure all the passengers were disease free and everyone had legitimate paperwork to enter in this country. Finally after proving my identity and showing the proper paperwork, I was able to board on another ship that was taking me to New York my final destination. Then again the same story in the ship, had to suffer because of no
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