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Rough Draft My Immigration to United States People from different corners of the world come to United States for various reasons. Some come here for religious freedom and some in search of better future. I was born and brought up in a small village in India. After completing my bachelors in electrical engineering, I thought of moving to United States. I immigrated to United States on June 2012. I was both nervous and excited as well. My immigration to United States was a remarkable process as it was followed by series of problems, and a fact that is an entrance to the new world without any religious and cultural restrictions. As the Boeing 777 landed at Miami International airport, I was nervous, tensed and excited as well. That was just the beginning of my search for better future. I was off the plane and I started walking towards immigration checkpoint. At that time my mind was fully tensed, as I knew that immigration agents were really strict. Then I was taken to immigration agent’s cabin. I handed my passport and documents to the agent. He looked at me suspiciously as I was nervous. He checked all my documents. While checking my passport and documents he asked me several questions about my family members. He returned my passport with a stamp on it, smiled and said, “welcome to United States.” At this point I felt relaxed and my mind was calm. I faced many problems as an immigrant to United States. As soon as I arrived to United States I faced immediate challenges including securing a job, finding a place to live, buying food and groceries, enrolling myself in school, lack of ability to speak fluent English etc. Though I graduated from an English medium school in India, I had problems while interacting with people over here. This was obvious as India follows British English. I had to live at a place where living conditions were very poor. I

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