Immigration: Costs And Benefits

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Immigration: Costs and Benefits Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, from around the world, come to the United States. People choose to immigrate to America because there are a vast number of opportunities and they are in search of a better quality of life. Supporting them self, as well as, family in their country of origin; legal and illegal Immigrants are looked down upon by society and are thought to be the cause of some of the burdens that our nation suffers from. Taxpayers are forced to pay for the welfare and schooling for many of these immigrants, some who are illegal aliens. Other citizens believe that immigration contributes to crime, poverty, and overcrowding. The outlook and policies on the topic of immigration have progressively changed during the last fifty years and the government is trying to limit the number of illegal immigrants to the United States by tightening borders, while reshaping current immigration policies to help legal immigrants to be productive contributors to society. The challenges immigrants create are can be argued, but it is important to understand that they do serve a purpose. Immigration offers the United States unique benefits that will allow us to be a more productive, competitive, and successful nation in the 21st century. America is a successful national power, whose economic growth and opportunities have attracted many people from all over the world to immigrate and start a new life. “The estimated 850,000 new illegal immigrant arrivals each year is about as large as the highest level of legal immigrant admissions in our history before the current mass immigration was unleashed by the 1965 Immigration Act” (FAIR 2010) American citizens are made up of all types of people from different cultures, places, and walks of life. Citizens can trace their lineage to a different country,

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