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Immigration Canada Essay

  • Submitted by: jimmy8
  • on November 21, 2010
  • Category: History
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October 08, 2010                                                                    
Immigration Canada Essay
In today’s society there have been many changes, from developing new technologies, to easier forms of transportations. All of these have somehow been affected or have been caused by immigration. We meaning Canada have over time progressed in becoming a multicultural society. Canada to some people is considered a “new country” and it is fascinating to see how we can have such diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world. In this book Immigration Canada by Alan B. Simmons, he shows us three main themes, transnational, globalization, and Imaginative future and how they relate to immigration in Canada today.
The first major theme in chapter 1 is globalization. This has been very important for Canada to grow economically and expand as a country. Globalization has brought people and communities closer together. In the past it was very hard to travel from country to country and get information across. This made it difficult for immigrants to travel. Now of days immigrants are able to move to Canada and can still retain links to their home families or communities, even as they adjust to life in Canada.   Globalization has brought people closer together which benefits immigrants because they are able to hear how living in Canada is and what they need to become citizens. Also globalization has evolved national trade between countries creating opportunities for immigrants to move to Canada and sell their products, specifically for the immigrants with the same backgrounds.
An example of this is the experience my family had immigrating to Canada. My grandparents emigrated here from Italy in 1953 after world war two. After the war it was tough to make a living in the small villages in Italy so they came to Canada to start a new life. Globalization helped my grandparents and other immigrants because they were able to hear and read about how life was like and...

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