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Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: pamboy
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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My topic is saying should immigration be further restricted to prevent future terror. Immigration isn’t that bad and I myself was an immigrant and did no harm towards others and I think it’s wrong to not let people in having the same opportunities as we do just because of where they came from and what they look like. Having that said is only my point of view but from the governments I think that every immigrant to them is like a virus that will spread and kill everybody else in their country since they don’t know what they are capable of and their morals taught to them when young.   I also think that immigrants should be given the chance and not have the immigration be further restricted since there is no harm if they are processed on seeing how safe they are. Just check their records and human health to see if they are acceptable to be migrated into a new country. In cases I researched examples on things and my opinions on them relating to immigrants.
This is about a rampage group that rampaged through a vegetable market in a working-class district of Moscow, beating migrant workers. Officers acting on orders from Russia’s interior minister, detained the 1,200 workers instead of the rioters, saying that they needed to check for outstanding warrants. The rioters were detained also but all but 72 of the 380 were released. Some faced serious charges and some will have to appear before a judge. An analyst said that the government’s actions was to show people that they understand that the migrants are the problem. Tensions over migrants have simmered for years in the outlying district, it was only a matter of time that this had happened. In those group of rioters it was confirmed that some was everyday citizens that wanted to show the migrants that they don’t belong here. During the riot, a drunken man yells at the riot police officers ‘’ Why don’t you all turn around and go count the illegal migrants inside!’’.
To think that Russia had such problems with...

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