Immigration Essay

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Right now in the United States, immigration is one topic that has been receiving a lot of media attention. American citizens see immigrants as the source of the nations problems. This stems from the belief that immigrants are merely using America for its high standard of living, and its high minimum wage. The truth of this question is the main focus of this essay. In this essay I will attempt to weigh the pros and cons of immigration and its affects on the American economy. I will also briefly discuss illegal immigration and the affects that it is having on our country as well. Before I begin I would like to state that I am pro immigration but fell we to implement strict regulation. I know that immigrants encompass a significant portion of our work force. The contributions that immigrants have made to our society are undeniable. “They have contributed to our art, religion, science, education, medicine, business, theater, and every aspect of the culture that is known throughout the world a American”(Weld). America has always been known as a safe haven for struggling peoples, regardless of the race or nationality, and its result is obvious. As a country the United States of America is the most powerful and yet the most diverse nation on the planet, something that I take great pride in. The United States is a nation almost entirely composed of immigrants. “Between 1820 and 1920 more than 33 million immigrants, fleeing poverty and oppression, arrived in this country (?).” These fleeing people arrived from all corners of the globe, coming from places like Africa and China as well as Northern Europe and Latin America. Without the influence of these people I do not believe that the United States would be as powerful as it is. The influence of so many cultures uniting under one republic government is a fact of this country that makes us so special.

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