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Stanley Michel ENC 1102 PROF Raquel Puig Zaldivar Fall 2011 DREAM Act According to a study made by the Federation for American Immigration, it is estimated that 13 million illegal aliens live in the United States, most of them coming from the Latin America and Mexico, and some from the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. It is also estimated that those illegal aliens cost taxpayers 113 billion dollars a year. Several acts have been introduced in the senate in order to solve the problems with immigration. The latest act was the DREAM act that was introduced again in May 2011, but was not passed due to lack of support. How this act would have solved the problem with immigration? Would it be fair to the legal immigrants? Am I against it or in favor of it? A detailed explanation of the DREAM act in the following paragraphs will answer the above questions. The DREAM act which is an acronym for Development, relief and Education for alien minors, is a bill that will grant conditional permanent residency to minors to certain illegal aliens of good moral character who graduate from high school, who arrived in US as minors, and have been living in the states at least five years prior to the bill’s enactment. The conditional permanent residency will have come with some conditions. The aliens would have to go to college for at least two years or obtain a bachelor degree or serve in the military for at least two years. After the six year of conditional residency, the aliens will be eligible for permanent residency, which can lead to citizenship. The aliens would have to have a good conduct, not being guilty of major crime. The aliens will also require demonstrating the ability to speak, write and English. How this Dream act that will benefit the illegal alpines play a beneficial role in the United States.

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