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Immigration – Ten Years from Now Abstract This document discusses about the impact of immigration on the socio-economic front after a decade and what are the factors that will act as major driving forces for the change that will take place on the immigration front. The technological advances that will aid the changes are also being discussed in this document. This document strives to arrive at a conclusion that throws light on the immigration scenario globally ten years from now. Immigration – Ten Years from Now Immigration is one of the perennial discussion items in many developed countries. The developing countries too are pondering over the immigration related issues for a long time. While developed countries are trying to tighten their immigration laws, developing countries are worried about brain drain, racial implications on their immigrants in other countries, etc. Global immigration is on the rise and will continue to do so in the next ten years. The major driving factors, according to (2008), are aging populations and impending labor shortages. Political Implications of Immigration Governments always look at immigration with suspicion, which is set to change. For example, Japan looks forward to relax immigration laws as working population is rapidly shrinking. The aspect of cheap labor is also being taken into account when governments frame immigration policies. Osama bin laden is no more and as a result the funds will flow more towards upkeep of social welfare measures rather than fortifying country’s security, globally. The focus now should be on development, sustenance and well being of nation’s resources. With reduced threat perspective of terrorism, opening up of the sluice gates for foreign nationals in many developed countries is on the cards. Socio-Economic Impacts of

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