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June 8th, 1908. Leaving the Ukraine and Going to Canada Hello my name is Petro Symon. My family and I were all born in Misto Kyyiv, Ukraine. We are not the richest family but we have enough to survive. Tomorrow morning is one of the biggest days in our lives, my family and I, who includes my wife Aneta, our two lovely children Ivan and Ivanna, shall be immigrating to Canada. My wife and I agreed that we should start off fresh and move to a better place, since the Ukraine isn’t as good as Canada is. In the flyers and all the announcements that the Canadians have made, they have said that the west is an amazing piece of land to live and raise a family on. We are all packing our things that we need the most to start off our lives once again! We both want our children to have a better future then we had, as we were growing up in Ukraine. We hope for the best when we enter Canada and hopefully they will give us all a warm welcome into their beautiful country. June 9th, 1908. The Big Move to Canada It is finally the day for my family and I to move to Canada. The trip will take many hours and we will be travelling on a ship to Canada. My whole family is very excited to start a new life and meet new people, which makes me very happy and excited as well. Everyone bought one luggage for themselves and we packed everything we needed into them. The ship is very big and nice not like most ships I have been on. There are plenty of people so it was pretty packed up in here. Since there is a lot of people, things can get very chaotic with children running about and people trying to find their rooms to stay in. My wife and I met another family who is also going to Canada and who is from Ukraine. They are very nice and polite. They have two children a boy and a

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