Immigrant Chronicles Poem Analysis

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An individuals sense of belonging is influenced by the passage of time and interaction with their world. English Belonging Essay A sense of belonging can be influenced by many different things, The passage of time and their own interaction with the outside world are some main points that affect one's perception of their own belonging. Throughout studying the “Immigrant Chronicles” by Peter Skrzynecki, a series of poems written about his experiences fitting in to Australian life after Immigrating from Poland following the devastation of their homeland in World War Two, a common, recurring theme of belonging becomes present. Using the poems “Feliks Skrzynecki” and “10 Mary Street” immigrant chronicle while comparing with other sources like the film “What’s eating Gilbert…show more content…
After coming from Poland after World War Two there was some sort of stigma around his past. In 10 Mary Street the house symbolises their cultural identity. Much like in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” the house they live in is known to the community as the house that the “beached whale” and the “retard” live in. This affects the mother in many psychological ways, never leaving the house after her husband's suicide many years ago. Over a period of time Gilberts mother gained masses of amounts of weight. She soon became a rumour and everyone would flock to see her. One day Gilberts mother is forced to leave the house to get her son Arnie out of gaol. After leaving the police station she is the laughing stock of the town and everyone passing by stops to stare at her. Hallström and Skrzynecki both use the subject of Alienation to provoke a social audience response and to get some sort of relation out of the readers past experiences. The interaction of the characters world in these stories is affected by alienation and in a sense also cuts them off from their surroundings making the characters feel like

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