Immaturity In Huck Finn's Maturity

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Huck’s Maturity and Immaturity Huck Finn is a story about a young boy who is searching got his own identity. Throughout the book he is going on crazy adventures and doing scandalous things with Tom Sawyer just to figure out who he, himself is. He learns some life lessons in his journey and that’s what helps him find out. Huck goes from being an immature boy at the beginning who is always doing things to cause trouble, to a boy that acts like a mature man at the end, who has a whole new perspective on things. In the beginning there are quite a few things that let the reader know Huck has an immature side to him. “They get down on are thing when they don’t know nothing about it.”(Huck Finn) This shows how stubborn he is, and how he thinks
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