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Imf Meeting To Discuss Economic Performance Essay

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IMF Meeting

ATTENDED BY Albert Andall, Hazel Ann Hutchinson & Dr. Wayne Sandiford’

GCIC Conference room

25h & 28th March2011

The meeting was attended by representatives of International Monetary Fund, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and the GCIC Executive

The matters discussed were:

|NO.     |TOPIC                                               |DISCUSSION                                                                                                                             |
|1.     |Introduction                                         |IMF team stated that the purpose of the visit was to get the Private Sector’s point of view of the current economic situation         |
|2.     |Topics Discussed                                     |Job Creation                                                                                                                           |
|       |                                                     |The team noted that the rate of unemployment was alarming. New figures from the NIS places unemployment at around 35-37%.             |
|       |                                                     |The team wanted to know what was   the Private Sector doing to create jobs? It is difficult to create jobs in a still economy. Money   |
|       |                                                     |for investment was not available due to the failure of BAICO, CLICO,SGL and CapBank. Government projects were not materializing so the|
|       |                                                     |retail, manufacturing and construction sectors, which fuel the economy, were stagnant.                                                 |
|       |                                                     |The Chamber enquired how aware the team was concerning the issues of the PSIP’s? The IMF noted that they understood the issues         |
|       |                                                     |government was facing especially with...

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