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this is on a documentary called life and debt This movie expanded my knowledge of the IMF and World Bank and their direct effect on developing countries like Jamaica. Although citizens in the US are not directly responsible for the troubles facing Jamicas, we are indirectly adding to treatment or lack of, towards the Jamican people. One statment that was made in the documentary that proved exactly how much influence the US has on atrocity going on in Jamaica is the fact that US has the biggest vote, loudest voice in the IMF, if the US were to think differently and more critically about what was happeneing to the civilians then changes could be made, it seems that simple. Obviously there must be more to it, however I feel that it should not be taking years of the suffering to make this change. One aspect of the documentary that had me in shock was the part about the Asian workers. It was devasting that in their own country, Jamaican's were not gettin paid what they deserved yet people that were practically outsiders were getting not only more money but American money. The reason why this makes me so angry is becuase, in countries such as America we know the value to our hard working days and when ever we feel as though we might be getting cheated for our labor we are the first to fight. Yet ironically, we allow something more horrific to happen to individuals of a different country. JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Another thing that didn't make sense is the fact that if saving money is what these companies are trying to do yet still up to paying Asians more money, American money, what is the difference of simply allowing the Jamaican's to feel the glory? This may be a wild guess but I suppose it would have alot to do with Jamaican's finding ways to be self-reliable if enough money was earned with in their people,which of course would cause a huge

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