Imc Planning Process

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IMC Planning Process Introduction * Planning must occur before developing advertising and other marketing messages. This chapter presents the IMC planning process. * The IMC planning process involves a number of steps and decisions. Planning begins with research, decisions about target markets, market segmentation, and positioning. Once these factors are investigated and decisions made, then communication objectives can be created. A budget is then appropriated. The last part of the planning process is to think about the IMC components and how they will work together to create synergy. The IMC Planning Process * The IMC planning process begins with an analysis of the context, which involves the 3 C’s – customers, competitors, and communication. From the analysis of the 3 C’s, decisions about the target market and product positioning can be made. It is a joint decision because one affects the other. Next communication objectives are formulated. From the objectives come the budget and a selection of the appropriate IMC components. Again, it is a mutual decision because the budge impacts which IMC components can be used and the selection of the IMC components affects the budget. Customers Types of Customers * Current customers * Former customers * Potential new customers * Competitors’ customers The customer analysis * It involves looking at 4 different types of customer groups. The most obvious group is current customers. They will be the easiest to study. But, former customers are important, especially learning why they are former customers and why they switched to another brand. Potential customers are an important group to understand because this may be a primary group to be targeted with an advertising or marketing campaign. The last group is the competitors’ customers. Why do they purchase from the competition and what
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