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Introduction The purpose of this part of the report is to give further explanation towards the key steps of the Integrated Marketing Communication plan that will help Crabtree & Evelyn to achieve the objectives. This part will be discussing about IMC strategy, creative strategy, media schedule and planning and evaluating the overall of this campaign. More than that, this part of the report will try to decide the best and effective communication and promotional tools that suits Crabtree & Evelyn the best for the campaign. IMC Strategy Three step should be done to develop an effective Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy are establish communication objectives, develop Integrated Marketing Communication strategy and set budget for each communication tool used. Integrated Marketing Communication objective for Crabtree Evelyn is Crabtree Evelyn plan to increase body lotion awareness by 10% in the end of 2013 by focusing on getting target audience attention though affection. Since, the target audience is women who aged 25-34. Affective communication model really important and Crabtree Evelyn need affection to develop an effective Integrated Marketing Communication strategy because the target market knows about Crabtree Evelyn body lotion but it may not be one for preference for target customer to buy the product. So Affective model considered as best option to use in this case because to make body lotion of Crabtree Evelyn become preference, Crabtree Evelyn must make sure target audience aware about the product, knowledge it, and like the product. The Affective functions will integrate for synergy by giving effective communication using advertising and online communication tools to reach the target audience to full fill an affective objective. Advertising and online media give target audience a brand message and later will create 2 way

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