Imax Corporation Environmental Analysis

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IMAX Corporation External and Internal Environmental Analysis A corporate strategy is needed for the corporation to succeed. The corporate strategy needs to state in particular what business a corporation is in or wants to be in and what it wants to do. It is important to include the mission and goals of the corporation. According to IMAX. Com (2013), “IMAX is designed to deliver the world’s most immersive movie experience. IMAX’s strategic planning is to entice consumers happiest in front of 60-inch plasma screen TV. In order to get a consumers out of their homes and make them go and watch an IMAX format movie, the company needs to give them something amazing and something special.” Part of the corporate strategy starts with performing an external and internal environmental analysis. According to (2013), “An environmental analysis evaluates internal and external factors affecting an organization's performance, especially its marketing effort. Internal factors are referred to as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. External factors are opportunities and threats presented by forces outside of the company.” Gathering this vital information will guide management to forecast trends a year or more in advance. External Environmental Analysis IMAX has a strong distribution network. According to Yahoo Finance (2013), “"The IMAX brand is one of our most valuable assets and has become synonymous with the ultimate movie-going experience for audiences worldwide." Consumers consider IMAX the best because they provide a quality experience with advanced digital technology. The external environmental opportunities indicates that there is an increase in demand of Hollywood productions, large demand of the IMAX experience, IMAX establishing joint ventures with other companies, and more IMAX theatres opening in the U.S and other countries. The external
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