Imaisarah Essay

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women is simple in vocabulary and grammar; easy forbabies and infants to acquire in their early years of language formation. The research findings captured men as the group that talk more for obvious reason. Akindele (1988) observes that it is a rare occurrence for women to initiate discourse when men are present; in fact, Chester (1971) asserts that it isimpossible for women to talk when males were present especially if the males were their husbands. In the religious hemisphere, be it Christian, Islamic or Traditional religion, women are rarely allowed to make a public speech, men dominate the scene. In Christian religious group, for example, women are not allowed to speak in public especially in a mixed congregation except they are allowed by men, (1 Corinthians 14:34, 35 KJV). Akindele (1988) discovers that males interrupt females and even determine turn-taking procedures. The frequent interruption of females bymales demonstrates males’ dominance in communication system. Males gain the floor of discussion for themselves through interruption mechanism. The aforesaid notwithstanding, research findings do not affirm women inferiority in the area of language acquisition and language learning. Women tend to perform better in quick acquisition of language tool than men. They have the greater potentials to move closer to the native speaker of a language in the area of language learning. The confirmation of this by the research works of some linguists like Trugdill, Thome and Halley (1975), Holmes (2008) reflect in their work that women favour the standard, correct and most prestigious form of the language of communication than men. The discovery that men talk longer and dominate the scene of any discussion only demonstrates men’s authority, power and complete control of the world affairs. Masculine dominance cannot be

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