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Teaching in Hawaii 1 Imagining Teaching in Hawaii Brian Plaster SEC 691 Western Washington University August 1, 2006 Teaching in Hawaii Abstract: 2 This paper revolves around the issue of whether or not a White teacher can adequately serve the educational needs of Native Hawaiians students. It presents information on the contemporary social and academic standing of Native Hawaiian students, the historical effects of educational policy on Native Hawaiians and some of the challenges that a White teacher may face when serving Native Hawaiian students. Also explored are some educational needs of Native Hawaiian students and ways that White teachers may establish and maintain positive learning relationships with Native Hawaiian students, their families and their communities. Teaching in Hawaii Imagining Teaching in Hawaii “… Imagine yourself teaching in Hawaii…” These are the words written at the top of the Hawaii Public Schools employment page. Below these words, photographs of waterfalls, flowers and sandy beaches intermingle with classroom scenes filled with a multiethnic array of happy teachers and students. Looking at these images, I certainly can imagine myself teaching in Hawaii. I think of how on nice days (probably every day) I could conduct class outside, maybe on the soft sand of a beach, maybe under the cool shade of some palm trees. Based on what I see in the pictures, I envision a cosmopolitan classroom in which teachers and students value and learn from each others’ cultural practices. I picture a place more diverse than any American city, where no group dominates any other. With all of this in my mind, I imagine that I am ready to teach in Hawaii. But I soon begin to question whether my vision of teaching in paradise is solely in my imagination. If teaching in Hawaii is so great, why, just two weeks before the school year begins, is

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