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Billie Selichnow Mrs. Graber English 11 4 December 2012 The Existence of Technology In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, technology has captured and completely manipulated the people and the way they think. The novel opens in a futuristic society where firemen start fires, rather than put them out and books are banned and burned upon discovery in order to prevent disruption in society. The main character, Guy Montag is a fireman by trade, burning books that have been deemed illegal by the government, as well as the homes of those who house such works of literature. Guy encounters Clarisse McClellan, a seventeen year old girl whose curiosity and outlook on life encourages Guy to question his own ways of living, ultimately leading to his questioning both his profession and purpose. His encounter with Clarisse also makes him realizes that he is no longer happy with his wife Millie, who chooses to be consumed by government run television programs. Guy begins to question why books are perceived to be so dangerous, and begins to develop a curiosity circling books, and their power, eventually leading him to flee his highly government censored society, and join a secret, intellectual underground. After he witnesses the destruction of his former city, via atomic bombs, he makes the decision to rebuild society. Technology is so advanced that it led the people to their knees and unable to support themselves. In the futuristic society Bradbury created, technology dominates society. Technology is given a negative tone throughout the entire book. Cars are made to go at excessive speeds, up to one-hundred fifty miles an hour, which is suspected to be the reason to Clarisse’s death. Another example of negative technology is the Atomic Bombs which are used in the last portion of the book to destroy the entire city. Tools used in the novel such as the Mechanical Dog and the

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