Image of a Nurse

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Rae Public Image of a Nurse This is a nurse costume sold by Lure Love, it is marketed for adult dress up or costume parties. They also market it “to play out their fantasies” (Lure Love). This costume obviously portrays that all nurses are sexy and wear tiny costumes that pop their breasts out of the dress. The nurse in the picture above is dressed in a small, tight dress with her breasts popping out and barely covered by the dress. The nurse has a kissing face and is trying to look seductive. Connected to her dress are thigh high stockings with little bows and the Red Cross sign on the dress. The only thing that is somewhat accurate in the portrait of this nurse is she has a stethoscope around her neck and a name tag. The media today has a strong influence on today’s society and especially the youth. The media seems to have a pretty generalized view of what a nurse does and what a nurse looks like. In general the media portrays nurses as young, sexy and somewhat unintelligent. This is quite the opposite of what a nurse actually is and does. I will go into detail and critically compare the portrait of a nurse the media describes, and the portrait of a real nurse. In the picture above and from the company, it is clear the nurse is depicted as young, sexy and somewhat unintelligent. The first point from the picture above is the nurse is depicted as being young. As the picture clearly shows the nurse depicted above is in her mid-twenties at the oldest. She is still a bright blonde, with a skinny trim body and no wrinkles to be seen. Along with this the Lure Love (2012) boasts “I myself love to wear pink nurse costume very much, it will offer me a very appealing look, or at least its pink color can best flatter my skin tone” (Lure Love 2012). This shows the website depicts all women as young and beautiful with great skin. The first point that the picture
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