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Image Analysis

  • Submitted by: str8fancf
  • on May 24, 2011
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Image Analysis

What are magazine ads really telling us when we look at them?   These ads are more than just an advertisement for an item; they can affect a person subconsciously just by looking at it.   Let’s take the models on the cover of magazines, for example.   These close-ups of these models are generated towards teenage girls.   These ads make these girls self-conscious of their bodies which can often lead towards depression and weight obsession, as these girls feel they need to look like these models in order to be beautiful.   Or how about the magazine ads of cars and flashy jewelry (such as the Movado Series 800 advertisement with Tom Brady) that is geared towards teenage boys who feel they must have these items to be popular and acquire attention.   As we look at these magazine ads everyday, we can see that they are not healthy and can negatively affect today’s youth.
The Movado Series 800 watch advertisement features football superstar Tom Brady.   Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots.   He has won three Superbowl Championships and is a two time SuperBowl MVP who has broken numerous NFL records.   Tom Brady has a beautiful supermodel girlfriend.   Tom Brady is a household name.   Needless to say, today’s younger male generation idolize Tom Brady.
The Movado Series 800 watch is in a close-up angle and gives the person a clear view of the watch and what it offers.   This watch is $1600.00.   The close-up of Tom Brady represents power which means that the watch is powerful.   The close-up of Tom Brady shows confidence as he is staring straight into the camera.   It’s as if he is saying “Wear this watch and you will feel confident too”.   This ad is obviously geared towards the younger male generation.
Underneath Tom Brady’s picture is the sentence, “Art of Performance”, written in bold letters to catch the person’s eye (attention).     The ad is implying that the watch performs like Tom Brady.   It is the “MVP”of all watches.   The watch has...

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