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Question #1 How is the work structured or organized? How does it begin? Where does it go next? How does it end? What is the work’s plot? How is it’s plot related to it’s structure? - The poem is comprised of three stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. This poem does not rhyme. Its syntax is short and abrupt. It begins by her stating her position as a woman; I’m “wife”-I’ve finished that. Dickinson then compares her role as a wife to that of a ruler by stating; “I’m Czar-I’m “Woman” now. In the end, Dickinson compares being a ruler, Czar, as comforting and being a wife as pain. She then mentions that regardless of the title of her role, they both are the same. The plot of the poem appears to be the struggle of a girl’s innocence transformed into a woman, whom is now a wife that is just the same as a ruler, Czar. The plot, in relation to its structure; 1. She differentiates her 2 roles, a woman and a wife. (First Stanza) 2. The innocence of her as a girl and the struggles of life on Earth. (Second Stanza) 3. In the end, there is no differentiation between a wife and a woman. They are both the same. (Third Stanza) Question #2 What is the relationship of each part of the work to the work as a whole? How are the parts related to one another? * Each stanza in this poem, I'm wife, signifies the stages of growth that this woman has been through. The first stanza points out her two characters in the poem, one a woman the other a wife. In the second stanza she reflects on her past, when she was a young girl and how that is now overshadowed by her being a woman. She identifies her maturity. In the third stanza she describes how she feels about the changes in her life. 'This being comfort-then', implies to me that she enjoys womanhood and the power that comes with being a wife. 'That other kind

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