Im Not Scared Oral Presentation Essay

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In the novel I’m Not Scared by Niccolo Amanniti , Pino Amitrano is described as the villain who committed a terrible crime and betrayed his son. Pino was a man that had principles and loved his family with all his heart, yet slowly he is overcome by greed and fear which provoked him to do hateful acts which made him an evil man. Through various events throughout the novel, Niccolo Amanniti showed how he fell into darkness enabling him to commit the crime of kidnapping Filippo and later attempting to kill him. Pino is described at the start of the text as a short but strong man that loved his family but is later proved to be otherwise as the novel developed. He was shown to have high family values as he treasures the times he has with his family. We are shown his loving side throughout the text when he bought gifts for his children and joked with his family. He had bought Marie a new pair of glasses and a gondola for Michele. Through these little gestures of affection, Pino does not seem like he is an evil man, but this was later proven when he ignored Michele’s explanation as to why he was late. He would not listen to Michele and told him to “get out”. His anger was the first sign of his capability for evil. This shows his capability to harm Fillipo in particular. As the novel progressed further, Pino’s capacity to inflict evil up on other become clearer when Michele found Filippo and made the connection of this discovery with his father. The condition that Filippo was in is further proof that Pino is an evil man. Filippo’s skin was “…caked with mud…eyelids were sealed with blood…lips were dark and split…All his teeth had gone black.” Pino and the adults of Acqua Traverse treated Filippo like an animal and an item of trade. They did not give Filippo enough food, starving the boy in a dirty whole. They fed him scraps from home, for example the meat that Marie did

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