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. Im happy when first, im with my family. Family means love and someone that will always be there for you through the good times and the bad times. As we can spend the time with each of our family chatting, laughing or either hanging and just to name a few. I have such a wonderful family and im happy to have them as my family. First is my father. He is sporting, cold-looking face, loving and sometimes have a funny side too. He always taking care of me whenever im around. Second is my loving mother. Im the closest with my mother. Eventhough my mother is always busy as a bee, she will always spend her time with me, listening to all my problems and being such a good counsellor to me. She take care of me and raised me up in a good way. My parents are the best and I’ll never forget them no matter what. I’ll try to be a good daughter to them and not to burden them but on the other hand I’ll try to lose their burden by being a successful person and help them in the next future. Third, is my brother second brother. He is the only brother that I have now. After what had happened to my eldest brother three years backwards. He involved in an accident when he was on his way to his workplace and passed away. After the incident, my second brother had become a responsible brother to me and also responsible son to my parents. He is like a chip of the old block. He always help my mother with chores when im staying at hostel. Not only my mother. But also my father and me. Not just im happy with my family, im also happy when im visiting my other relatives or they pay a visit to our house. I can meet with my cousin, nephew, others and welcomed them cordially. With that, the surrounding of my house will not remain as quiet as mouse. At least there are noises of people laughing, chatting and many mores. Im also happy when im with my friends. They are the second place where I

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