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If I were Mayor, I would like to make my city a better place to live, focusing on tourism and an increasing number of jobs. I represent only a few of my ideas and how I would achieve these goals. Firstly, I will meet with my City Council to agree on a new budget that includes money for the development of tourism. I will promote the positive qualities of my city. This will attract more tourists, creating new jobs and a further increase in tax revenues. There are many historical buildings and natural attractions in Coweta County, where I live. I would advertise these historical and natural attractions of marketing in social networks like Facebook, a site that is popular with many people. I would also like to arrange to make our city a perfect day to encourage all citizens to plant trees and flowers, and pick up trash. We could also hold an annual flower festival to raise funds for the repair of the city. My second goal is to increase employment. My attempts to increase the flow of tourists will contribute to this tseli.Drugaya reason I increase the number of jobs to reduce foreclosed properties that make the city less attractive to tourists. I also suggest that the city council to impose fines on banks if they neglect foreclosed homes in our city. Mayors can not solve all the problems of the city itself! So, as mayor, I will organize monthly Monday evening with the mayor at City Hall. All citizens who have ideas to achieve our goals for quality of life and tourism growth can participate. I would take my visits to the city council, and in the long term, regional cities to share their ideas about the development of the city. There are so many things that I could think of to do, if I were merom.Nekotorye, I address are among the most important. First of all, I believe that the key to building a solid foundation for the creation of the city a better place to live

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