Ilm3 Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively

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The organisation I currently for work deals with the wholesale of ex-chainstore clothing. The team consists of warehouse staff, sales staff, accounts and administration. It is important for the the members of all teams to be fully aware of the needs and objectives of the other departments. The purchasing department has to buy items at the lowest possible price, the sales team wants to be able to sell at the best price, the warehouse staff need to be able to pack and send out the orders placed and the accounts and administration need to ensure all the correct paperwork is processed. The overall strategy of the company would be to make the greatest profit on goods whilst not carry stock for a prolonged period of time, ie beyond the current season. In order to create and achieve the common goal weekly team meeting are held with either the entire team or the leaders of each team. The aim of this meeting is usually to discuss the current stock lines, how they are selling, what changes can be made to the sales strategy in order to drive up sales in general but also how to move difficult lines. Once these strategies are agreed it is then expected that each of the department heads will relay this information to the rest of their team. SO in the meeting it is decided to hold a flash sale for two days on all stock that has been held for over 6months and offer it at 40% discount. The accounts and administration team need to provide information to the sales and warehouse team about which lines this entails. The sales team can then create the website offer and the warehouse can move the relevant items to easy pick locations. These sales cannot take place without inter department co-operation and the communication to staff that the offer is being created not only to generate sales but also to create space in the warehouse for future lines. Both in life and in work I have always

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