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Ilm3 Communication Essay

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  • on May 13, 2013
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Reflective review   Assignment 1

Understand the nature and the importance of the communication process in the work place

I am a Home Care co-ordinator for West Berkshire council & I manage 11 carers.
Our aim is to provide a Home Care service to clients to enable them to remain independently in their own homes for as long as possible.
Carers usually work alone in the community for most of their day &
We rely on communication via telephone, emails & Duty reports.
This information has to be accurate as it usually needs an immediate response.
The information is usually about the clients or carers well-being, therefore it is vital that we have the right information to act upon & respond accordingly.

There are five stages in the communication cycle: The Sender, the message, how this is transmitted, the receiver and any response feedback from the message.

The sender iniciates the interaction & encodes a message by deciding what they need to say & using the best way to say it.
The sender must consider the circumstances surrounding himself & the receiver, as all of this can have an effect on how the message is received.
Effective communication requires the ability to speak clearly to express the content of the message.

The receiver uses eyes and ears to decode any message received. As long as the person has no hearing impairment, which could prevent the understanding of the message, as well as a reasonable interest in the content of the message received.
The receiver should be looking at the sender & listening to the conversation as it goes a long.
The sender should take into account that the receiver has a set of internal filters that protect them from seeing or hearing anything that can make them feel uncomfortable
Or threatened, using these filters they may hear what has been said but not enabled them to get through to their mind.

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