Ilm Nvq 3 Assignment 2: Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation

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Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to firstly identify why there is a need to implement changes within an organisation and highlight any barriers that an organisation may encounter when implementing any changes before explaining how to overcome these barrier. It will also describe what techniques can be used to plan, monitor and review any potential changes. Finally the report will also consider the effects of change of the workforce within the organisation and why communication is vital before, during and after any changes. To help demonstrate different points and techniques I will refer to a specific example of innovation and change within a company which is planning on implementing a machine which is an automatic packaging system instead of a manual based packing system. Benefits of Innovation and Change To fully understand the benefits of innovation and change, we must first understand what innovation and change actually are. The Oxford Dictionary then defines change as “an act or process through which something becomes different. O’Sullivan describes innovation as something “helping organizations grow…Innovation is the process of making changes to something established by introducing something new” ( There has always been the need for organisations to change, update and improve but now more than ever given the world’s current economic situation and the need to more than satisfy market needs. First an organisation must recognise their need to change a current process, their equipment, structure or any other possible thing to change. This often require a catalyst to trigger the idea for change, its’ important that this catalyst is not the result of a detrimental event within the organisation and so any ideas to improve should be considered and if feasible implemented before potential problems

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