Ilm -M3.15 Managing Stress in the Workplace Essay

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MANAGING STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE Managing stress In a few months into my new job, I encountered a situation whereby one particular senior nurse in charge is always picking on mostly all the time to complete tasks. She was always constantly asking me if I have completed certain task numerous of times. For instance in a night she would ask me if I have given drinks and checked clients numerous times. Also, sometimes when I am with a client alone she would burst in without even knocking. In addition I realise the nurse was also giving me excessively high workloads, giving me unrealistic time to finish. This makes me feel rushed, under pressure and overwhelmed. For example, I may be cleaning the kitchen and she would come and say I need to do a clients dressing with you so finish quick and we will go whiles other carers could adjust to accompany to the client. I felt bothered and tensed as I am always looking off my shoulders that she may come and to ask what task I have done. This really had a negative impact on my work as I began questioning and doubting my abilities such as if I am following the right procedures. It also affected my concentration that I began making mistakes resulting in an injury of a client at work. This may result in poor teamwork as I was always encouraged to take part in any group discussions. I felt so disturbed and stress that one night on duty I questioned the nurse about it and her reply was that most of the carers or colleagues are complaining that I am not working harder and that not quick enough. This lead to a scarce row and then leading a conflict as I felt the nurse could have dealt with this in appropriated manner by communicating about this with me rather than treating me differently. I then became rebellious and felt aggressive as I taught all colleagues are against. Moreover being absent from work became a habit as I felt

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