Ilm Level 3 Problem Solving and Making Decisions

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ILM Level 3 Task: Understading performance management Table of contents The value of assessing performance : page 2 Know how to manage performance of individuals in the team Understand the value of feedback in the work place Know how to manage underperformance in the workplace Pg1 ILM Level 3 The value of assessing performance In order for a company or organisation to run effectively it must look at its staff to ascertain whether they are performing to a standard that is reasonably expected of them and to see if improvements can be made from both parties. This can be done using formal and informal performance assessments. Formal assessment in our organisation comes in the form of a P.A.D.R. (personal annual development review). Here individuals sit down with their line manager and officially review the previous year and preview the coming year. Informal assessment may come in the form of a quick chat during tea break or, in our case, over a pile of compost. Or it may be simply a quick hell, how are you, especially if you note something amiss. These assessments help both employer and employee as follows: Employer * Able to express companies aims and objectives to employees * Clarify expectations * Ascertain the feelings, needs and desires of their staff * Engage and connect with the employees Employee * Identify training needs * Creates a feeling of worth/ part of the business (rather than feeling like an ant) * Gain feedback from the employer/ Know how the employer feels about you * Inform the employer of any issues or of any noted improvements As a first line manager your position in performance management is to monitor the performance and progress, of the team and its individuals, that has been planned. The planning would come in the form of formal assessment such as the P.A.D.R mentioned

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